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Recent events:
2011 Events
May 19, 2011, West Vancouver
BCACC Skills for Mindful Living Educational Workshop series
Spirituality and Mental Health
Exploring the questions: What does it mean to be ‘spiritual but not religious’ or to be spiritual at all? What is the difference between spirituality and religion? And what does spirituality have to do with our mental health?
Presenters: Dixie Black and Eleanor Rogers

April 30, 2011 Vancouver, BC
Retreat day for the Healing Prayer team, Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver
Music – Prayer. Creativity. Voice.

“Music allows us to move around those big invisible pieces of ourselves and rearrange our insides so that we can express what we feel even when we can’t talk about it.”
Karl Paulnack, Boston Conservatory

Music allows us a way of getting in touch with the deeper parts of ourselves that are not easily expressed in words – it can be a powerful way of prayer. We’ll spend the day listening to music, taking a peek into the life of an artist, hearing what musicians and others have said about music and its power to bring about healing in the world, and talking with each other about the role of music on our faith journeys and in our lives.

March 26, 2011 St. George’s Anglican Church, Langley
Retreat day for the International Anglican Women’s Network – Vancouver chapter.

Walking with Mary Magdalene
“What does it mean for you that a woman is part of the passion story? A part that is omitted in our traditional services?”
Anglican women, come and walk together with Mary Magdalene for the day. Experience and explore the journey of the passion as she leads us through ritual, prayer, images, and communion.

Led by The Rev. Dixie Black and Eleanor Rogers, both professional Clinical Counsellors and Spiritual Directors, and faithful Anglican women looking for the feminine face of God.

February 5th, 2011 Pacific Institution/Regional Treatment Centre, Abbotsford
The Potter’s Clay: A Spiritual Retreat Day
This retreat focused on introducing a variety of prayer forms to male offenders serving sentences in the prison. Prayer forms included silence, reflection on Scripture, listening to music, creative artwork, and mindful awareness.

Psycho-educational groups

February/March 2009 “Stress Management and Coping: Dealing with Stress and Studies”
Vancouver School of Theology
Solo Facilitator

March/April 2010 “Survival Skills for Second Term and Beyond”
Vancouver School of Theology
Co-Facilitator with Adrienne Johnson, MDiv, CNPS MA (in progress)
Retreats and Quiet Days

March 2010 “Awake in the Garden”
A Lenten Quiet Morning
Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver
Co-Facilitator with Rev. Dixie Black, MA, RCC