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Hand Model of the Brain

Here’s a link to an article I co-wrote with a friend of mine, Alisdair Smith. He is a much sought after coach, speaker, and facilitator. He is also a deacon and business chaplain at Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver.  The article is one of a series that Alisdair writes, aimed at business people and folks in leadership positions. His Leadership Notes are always thought provoking and well-worth a read.

We wrote this article after a conversation we had about handling difficult emotions. I spoke about Daniel Siegel’s work in Interpersonal Neurobiology, and his “brain in the palm of your hand” model. Alisdair ran with the topic, and began relating it to workplace relationships.

Have a look. Enjoy! And take some time to read some of Alisdair’s other writings!

Alisdair Smith – Dare Communications

(Scroll down to “The Brain and the Hand”)

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