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Word ClusterYou’ve reached a point where you know something in your life has to change.
You may not know how to express your concern, but you might feel it as emptiness, confusion, frustration, or as a pattern that keeps repeating.
Other people may be worried about you.
You are worried that your professional life or your personal life is suffering, and you want to feel in control again.
You want help, to unravel the complexities of your life and put it back together again.

Some people describe these feelings as “just going through the motions”, “feeling stuck”, “only living half a life”, or as being “shut down inside”. No matter how you describe the feelings, you can change them. Whichever ways they manifest themselves in your life – anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, work stress, burn-out, addictive behaviours, negative patterns, ongoing grief – you can work towards understanding and change.
Even when you don’t know exactly what isn’t working, the first steps toward making change are to recognize the discomfort you are feeling, and to ask “Why?”. Asking that question opens up the possibility for exploration and change, and begins to challenge the hidden fears we all hold when entering the unknown. Rather than only learning a few coping skills or tools to manage stress and anxiety, you may wish to find a level of well-being that allows you to be comfortable with yourself, comfortable with your gifts, comfortable with your shortcomings, and to live your life with creativity instead of with caution and hesitation. Learning how to release the “internal brace” associated with fear can help you open up to living more fully and enjoying your life. It can also help you create a more positive environment around yourself – making you a positive force, even an inspiration, for the people you live with and work with.

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